Starvision Help client from OOH to DOOH

Starvision help leading OOH media company in Italy to digitalize static mupi to digital screens.

Our valued client, who is one of the leading outdoor of home media company in Italy, we’ve being working with them since 2014 by provided around 500 units mupi. Which included wall mount mupi, free standing and scrolling mupi. These assets have being widely deployed in Airport, Metro stations, with the perfect location, the mupi bring successful turnover for our client during the past few years.

With the huge demanding of DOOH and PDOOH in the industry, our client decided to invest on DOOH by revamping the existing mupi to digital screens, in concern of environment friendly and cost effective, we keep the existing main structure of the mupi, and redesigned the door structure, because of the different visible size between 6 sheet poster and 75 inches LCD screen.

For the indoor unit, We integrate with a LG 75 inches 4K industrial panel with 500nits, mounting structures, and also integrate digital camera for audience analytic and a window industry PC, Stereos speakers, Fans for heat dissipations.

After prototyping and testing, we have being successfully deliver more than 150 pcs 75” digital screens and structures for revamping the mupi to Digital display.

indoor digital signage

And as for the existing outdoor mupi, because of the critical environment of outdoor, we have to deal with high brightness environment, sun light effect, heating, humidity, water proof, dust proof and even vandalism, we design and manufacture water proof enclosure with Smart cooling system, equipped 75 inch and 86 inch screen with 3000nits, protected by Anti reflective coating glasses, to insure the screen is sunlight readable.

outdoor mupi

Starvision dedicated to be a lifetime partner of out of home media clients, with our industrial design, engineering and manufacturing capability, we are not only provide products but also solutions to maximize the benefit for our partners.


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