What is the future of outdoor advertising?

Advertising media development indicators are absolutely related to the country’s economic progress. The more developed a country is, the larger its advertising industry will be.
The 2021 Toronto Global Outdoor Conference was cancelled due to the epidemic. The World Out-Of-Home Organization focused on the development of the epidemic and immediately launched an online global tour forum, hoping to continue to win the attention and investment of the communication industry for outdoor advertising.
We are honored to have an exclusive interview with Tom Goddard, Chairman of the World Outdoor Advertising Organization before the event, to share the characteristics of this Asian Outdoor Forum and the trend of the outdoor advertising industry in the future.

Why is the World Out of Home Organization holding its first Asia Forum?

The originally planned 2021 Toronto World Outdoor Conference was cancelled due to the epidemic. We felt that the exchange of outdoor industry and the promotion of industry improvement should not be stopped, so we planned an online outdoor forum event with a world tour concept.
There are three regions that we want to pay special attention to, namely Europe, Asia and Africa. Taking a region as the subject category, we will discuss in detail the development and problems of outdoor advertising in this regional market, and use one key market as the core of the exchanges. Start the global outdoor connection.

Where does Asia sit in the world Out of Home industry?

Firmly at the forefront in terms of the growth and impact of digital Out of Home where progress has been spectacular with some of the most technologically advanced and creative sites in the world. And many outdoor media in Asia are world-class in the use of advanced technology, interactive content, and even the creativity of 3D effects.

Is the OOH industry recovering from the pandemic ?

Roughly yes, although the recovery situation varies from region to region across the world. On the whole, although the outdoor advertising industry has rebounded greatly this year, in some regions, the recovery of the advertising industry has not yet come.
It is worth mentioning that the outdoor advertising industry has performed well in the global epidemic. The World Outdoor Advertising Organization has also promoted a wave of very successful “Our Second Chance” global digital outdoor public welfare activities, showing human optimism in the crisis, and also showing the influence of outdoor media. We will also have more such initiatives in the future.

What does the future hold for Out of Home, in Asia and elsewhere?

We believe Out of Home will increase its overall share of the global ad market although it’s going to be a battle, given the relentless rise of digital. But it’s already overtaken print and is also ahead of radio.

There is also a trend back towards brand-building on the part of many advertisers and this should benefit OOH which is able to connect emotionally with billions of consumers more effectively than other media.

What the industry needs to do is make its case to advertisers and media agencies enthusiastically and effectively and also, as mentioned above, improve its audience measurement standards to support this case.

——Excerpt from AOM Asia Outdoor


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