5 reasons why elevator digital screen media brings you strong brand exposure

There are four major format of elevator advertising, Static poster frame, projection Media, elevator wrap, nowadays, more and more media owners choose digital screens for elevator media. For example, Focus media, the NO.1  Elevator advertising company in china, who have over 2.3m screens and panels across the major city in China.

Elevator digital screen are use LCD display to play dynamic content and campaign, which is especially suitable for high-end brands, and conveys a full range of product information and promotional information to target audience. Improve the exposure and display effect of products in screens, and stimulate impulse purchases. Its dynamic content and vivid colors can grab attention of audience. 

In addition, the elevator digital screen playing the content during the target audience are generally idle and boring when they are waiting.  Therefore, most audiences will not have a rebellious psychology against it. Instead, they will actively choose to watch.

The reason why elevator screens ads cause a strong brand exposure is because the core scene of “elevator” has several characteristics: mainstream audience, must go through, high frequency, and low interference, geographic targeting and these are the core scarce resources to detonate the brand.


1.High potential audience

Audience entering and leaving the buildings. Usually they are middle-to-high-end classes, who has strong purchasing power and their potential purchase desire after reading advertisements is much higher than other, and the advertising effect can naturally reach the best;

2.Must go through

When people take the elevator, most of them will choose to put down their mobile phones and look up, as the signal is not good inside the elevator, and they are worried about missing the floor. At this time, people are easily attracted by the elevator advertising screens.

3.High frequency

In the morning, people leave to work and go to the office building, after work, they leave the building and back home at night,  although people browse advertisements on the digital signage for a short time, people get up and down the elevator at least twice a day, so the repeated reading rate of campaign on the elevator display panel is much higher than other media format, so it will get the double result with half of the work;

4.Small interference on elevator digital screen


The elevator space is closed, free from the interference of many other advertisements where have a lot of compulsive reading. According to the research results of Nielsen’s “2017 Consumer Advertising Attention Research Report”, the survey of audiences on different advertising attention shows that people are more willing to take the initiative, pay attention to elevator advertisements

5.Elevator advertising is ideal for geographic targeting.


Buildings are usually where people live and work, with data driving technology and the programatic buying (POOH) ,digital elevator advertising become perfectly for geographic targeting, campaigns can reach their target audience precisely.

In addition to the above advantages, ROI of the elevators media is much higher than that of TV video and other medias. In the future advertising media, the competitive advantage of elevator media advertising is prominent. Urbanization and aging promote the renewal and installation of elevators in existing buildings, and elevators have become the standard for newly built houses, which laid the foundation of elevator media adz.

Starvision produce ultra slim digital screen for elevator ads, which only have 21mm thickness, we provide landscape digital signage display for the waiting area outside of the elevator and also provide portrait digital screen for inside of the elevator.  Usually from 21.5 inches screen to 32 inches screen.

And we also provide digital totem solution for airport media, mall media and transit station media. 

Please contact us for more informations. 

Elevator digital screen


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