Device Monitoring System

What is DMS ?

Star Vision Device Monitoring and Control System combine varies
sensors to our smart board, and collect device’s real time performance
data from the outdoor digital signages, or outdoor LED displays, allows
media owners to monitor real time performance data and control the
screens remotely through a web base dashboard.

What does DMS do?

With wifi or 4G communication, DMS shows real time performance of all of the devices in 24/7, operation team can see all datas in one single web base dashboard, or receive emails alert. Send maintenance team directly to the device with already knowing the defective reasons, and already have a solution, It will save huge amount of money for media owners. Keep the screen always on.

Screen Performance

Monitor screen’s on / off
Monitor screen’s Brightness
Turn on/off remotely
Set on /off time remotely

Temperature & Humidity

Screen temperature
Enclosure temperature
Overheat alert
Enclosure humidity

Cooling system

Fans performance
Each fan speed
Auto adjust fan speed


Door close / open
Smoke Alert
vandalism Alert

Why you need DMS?

Outdoor conditions are much more critical than indoor, we have to deal with heating problem, sun light , humidity,  and even vandalism. DMS will be equipped to our outdoor digital signages, it save huge amount of traveling cost, human cost and save troubles. Our clients maintenance team can solve the small defective issue, before it become a big problem. Makes your campaign always on. 

Please contact our sales team to know more informations.